Tracking & tracing system for food/drug safety

Food safety is a global issue right now, and it is causing attention of Chinese people because of food safety problems, such as milk powder, medicine. For instance, some imported food becomes frequently out of stocking and some other foods are hesitating to enter China because of the threat of counterfeit. Anti-counterfeit and supervision of food supply chain can be realized base on the GS1-enabled tracking and tracing system. Nearly 60% food exported to China arrives at Shanghai, and most of the imported food companies are GS1 members. The system would be useful for them to protect their brands and also increase visibility of their products in China. The system can also be used for the exported food from China and for drugs made in China.

The objectives of this project are:

1) Explore the requirements of food/drug safety.

2) Evaluate the solutions of food/drug safety

3) Develop mobile apps and services based on the EPCIS and Name service.