EPC enabled personal terminal

Recently, we can find more and more tagged objects in the daily life, from clothing to pharmacy, from wine to firework. The benefits for manufacturers, retailers, government supervisors and other related parts are clear. But the big group of end users is still not involved in. The participation of end users for EPC solution is one of the most creativity sources for new solutions and business modes. EPC application not reaching end users is not only because of the tagging cost, the lack of well-built infrastructure is crucial.

EPC enabled personal terminals, including mobile phone, will cover the last meter of the whole infrastructure. The computing capability of smart phones is enough for personal EPC applications. So how to extend EPC functions to smart phones in a fast, easy and low cost way will be one of research objects of Auto-ID Lab China.

The objectives of this research topic are:

1) Survey existed EPC extension solutions for personal mobile devices;

2) Evaluate the power, cost and acceptability for personal terminals of end users;

3) Research low power, low cost EPC-enabled personal terminal based on reader system-on-chip.