Auto-ID lab at Fudan university is one of the seven worldwide members of Auto-ID Labs. The lab is based on the ASIC & System State Key Lab at Fudan University which, found in 1992, is the only state key lab in the area of ASIC and system research and an important education and research base in China. The research area of Auto-ID Lab covers RFID hardware research, network research, and RFID application reEventssearch. The laboratory joined in the Auto-ID center in the year 2002.


· Research on RFID core technology: Hardware: tags and readers; Software: EPCIS, middleware; Network: framework, security. Perform fundamental research and development of key technologies of IC design that would make the RFID system cheaper and more efficient.
· Educate people in China on the capabilities, limitations, and applicability of RFID technology.
· Perform research and development of knowledge, technologies, and systems that enable the application of RFID technology in China.
· Provide experimental results to the international standard organization and the government and Standard Committee in China . Promote the internationalization of Chinese standard.

Auto-ID labs

Auto-ID Labs (, a group of research institute, is established in Oct. of 1999, and the former name is Auto-ID Center. The labs Focus in research work related in automatic identification and EPC system; Cooperate with industry and perform R&D on system and tools for RFID; Promote the RFID application in the world. There are 7 members in the organization now: MIT of USA, Cambridge of UK, Adelaide of Australia, St.Gallen of Switzerland, Keio of Japan, ICU of Korea, and Fudan of China. The Auto-ID Labs is designing, building, testing and deploying a global infrastructure - a layer on top of the Internet - that will make it possible for computers to identify any object anywhere in the world instantly. This network will not just provide the means to feed reliable, accurate, real-time information into existing business applications; it will usher in a whole new era of innovation and opportunity.